I have really appreciated Nadia and the Design Figment team’s work. Their commitment to a high standard of excellence is consistently beyond expectation. It’s such a great experience when I see how they beautify what was just dry text. Working with them is such a pleasure. Nadia is very responsive to requests and extremely proactive with ideas. Design Figment does not just implement my dreams but has truly partnered with me in my business and book writing. I highly recommend Nadia and her team.

Pastor Paul Nyamuda

Corporate Legends

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We have the privilege to work with Nadia du Plessis of Design Figment who has attended to our Graphic Design needs since 2015.

She has proven to be a very creative designer, full of new ideas. She works well under pressure. No job is to big or to small for her and her abilities are endless with regards to design and artwork.

Design Figment has also shown outstanding creativity and professionalism in the areas of Facebook and Web design.

I can recommend Design Figment's work to anyone looking for design work to be done fast and efficiently.

Yvonne Labuschagne
Managing Director
Mouth and Foot Painters Pty Ltd



Nadia has worked with Remata for the past 15 odd years. She grew from merely doing design and layout jobs to managing a design and layout department that serviced some extremely difficult clients with challenging expectations and time frames. She was outstanding in this role. A true leader.

Nadia is without question one of the most conscientious people I know. She takes pride in the work she does and is extremely reliable. She will work through the night if necessary to meet a deadline. Her accuracy in work is some of the highest I have seen. Nadia understands the work required of her and nothing is too much trouble. She can effortlessly interpret any client’s needs.

Esme Bense


Nadia is an absolute pleasure to work with – always professional, very thorough and one step ahead when it comes to deadlines. No job is too big or too small for her, from a complicated Technical Manual to a Promotional Flyer. SAPPMA has been working with her for many years and have always valued her ability to sense our needs. She has been blessed with a creative mind and pays meticulous attention to detail – a winning combination!

Louise Müller
Head: Administration


The Blades Hotel has had the pleasure of working with Nadia for the past 2 yearson all of our design requirements. She is not only highly creative, imaginative and perceptive of our requirements, but also incredibly quick and extremely punctual.

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing is ever too much of an ask, even when we place massive pressure on her to complete a task "yesterday" often rushed over a telephone call. She listens carefully to what we are trying tachieve and produces magic for us!!!

would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a friendly, efficient and creative Designer.

Jodi MacMurray


I’m pleased to give this referral for Nadia, whom I’ve been working with for 5 years. She has a rare combination of talent, personality and business-sense – not something you often find in Designers. She ‘gets’ what I want in design and always delivers, no matter what it takes. Working with her is always a pleasure - a seamless process which inevitably produces great work (on time).

Gerhard van Rooyen



Nadia du Plessis has attended to our company's graphic design work since the start of 2013. During this time I have been consistently impressed by her design skills and her professionalism and commitment to our organisation. She took on projects from us that require both high levels of creativity and technical skills and frequently working under very tight deadlines. Some examples of the type of work she has been responsible for include tender/bid documents, invitations, newsletters, reports, posters/displays, corporate gifts, website design and designing of high level Power Point presentations.  

Nadia has impressed our clients and patients with her (often surprising) creativity and also with her consistent and timely communication skills.

The two years that we worked together, was a joy. For me, it is wonderful to have a person involved that understands the mission of our business and have the ability to articulate our mission visually. I could see that reflected in her ability to make the material 'pop' on the pages - photographs, artwork and advertisements. I personally appreciate her ability and insight in our projects.

Nadia plays an integral role in our company’s success and have made an enormous contribution to get our message across to our target markets.

She has always conducted herself with the utmost integrity and to the highest ethical standards. Her quality of work is never compromised and her commitment to the people she serves is beyond question. Her professional background as well as her vast experience in graphic design are highly valued by all involved and provide further evidence of her personal reliability and skills.

Worthwhile emphasizing is the passion and enthusiasm that she has for her profession. 

Marissa Nel
Medical Orthotist and Prosthetist




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