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Design Figment can give your book the professional touch it deserves and give your reader a great experience.

Our team of designers have years of experience in design, layout and typography. We will help your book stand out from the crowd by creating both your cover design and the interior of your book. They say, "don’t judge a book by its cover", but in our modern society a book cover is the leading element that sells a story. Our professional design sense, creativity and skill combined with the latest design software will benefit your book immensely.

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From authors looking to self-publishing their books to big publishing companies that are seeking to stand out, Design Figment is ready to assist with your book design process.

Authors often question if they can upload their Word document as an e-book. The risky thing regarding such an action is that people don’t pay for unprofessional and although your writing skills may be out of this world, unless you look that part people won’t buy into it.

While you, the author, can focus on writing the book, we will design your book, format it, create a barcode for it with an ISBN number and prepare it for both e-book and hardcopy publishing. Once it is ready for publishing, we will assist in making the e-book conversion for Kindle as a fixed layout PDF or iBook as a fixed layout e-pub. We will also assist in the printing process by helping you obtain quotations from good and reliable printers.

Once your book has been printed and published on Amazon or iBooks, we will assist with the promotion of your e-book via Facebook and other social media platforms if you wish. This can help with ebook sales and book distribution. 

We look forward to helping you design your professional book.

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