Facebook Pages and Posts Design

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Facebook Complete

Facebook Complete is for you if you want the Social Media team to completely manage your Facebook presence.

This means you can focus on running your business.

FB pages we currently manage:

Association of Mouth and Foot Painters SA 
Marissa Nel & Associates 
Wimpy York Street 
Design Figment 
The Security Solution 

Here is what we do:

* Create or optimize current business page
* Secure your personalised URL (your facebook page name)
* Design and upload custom profile image
* Provide you with an introductory email to your current customer base promoting your Facebook Business page
* Create photo page and upload photos as provided by you
* Create at least 1 promotional post per week (Post to be graphic designed with image and text provided by you)
* Monitor and notify you of any issues that need to be addressed
* Optional: Provide you with the capability to interact with members of your community who have posted on your wall or commented on your posts. You will receive notices from FB when a comment is posted on your site.
* Provide a comprehensive bi-monthly report updating you on growth, successes and opportunities
* Allocate R70 of your monthly fee to purchase ads in order to grow your number of likes/followers

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